MAYA modeling:
Principles: Polygon Modeling a Chair VIDEOS
Principles: NURBS and Polygon Modeling a Toy Chicken VIDEOS
Principles: Polygon Modeling an Airplane and inserting image planes VIDEOS
Principles: NURBS Modeling a Bishop VIDEOS
Creating LOD Groups
Hand Modeling VIDEO Tutorials
Head Modeling VIDEO Tutorials (Box Modeling)
Female Toros Modeling VIDEO Tutorials
Foot Modeling VIDEO Tutorials
Head Modeling VIDEO tutorials (Edge-Extrusion)

Creating and Aligning Image Planes for Maya
Techniques for Modeling a High Poly Count Cellphone (and other hard surface objects) Techniques for Modeling a Skeletal Torso (extrude and duplicate along curve) Creating Tire Treads in Maya
MAYA and Mental Ray shading, texturing, and rendering:

Maya and Nvidia Normal Mapping
Creating Realistic Glass
Toon Vector Rendering
MR Photon and Shadow Shaders
Generating Render Passes and Layers

Image Based Lighting
Understanding Sub Surface Scattering in Mental Ray
Using the UVset Relationship Editor
Global Illumination, Final Gather, and Caustics
Fixing Seams on your normal map
Uving an Airplane
Bump and Normal Maps: Features and Workflows with Mental Ray
Maya UVing: Head
Rendering Elegant Wireframes with the MR Contour Shader
Maya UVing: Hand

Image Based Lighting and Irradiance Paricles
Maya UVing: shoelaces
Mental Ray Fog Demo

MAYA Animation and Rigging:

Dynamic Joint Chains via spline IK and hair Bouncing a Ball Creating a Simple Walk Cycle Creating Motion Paths