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الموضوع: How to use volume shaders ?

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    Jun 2007
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    Thumbs up How to use volume shaders ?

    Softimage XSI
    ‘Working with ICE’
    by i3D Tutorials

    To watch these videos we reccomend using the Adobe Media Player click here to download.

    Get a free look into the inner workings of ICE and production workflow in this video from the "Mastering the Art of ICE Volume I: Breaking the ICE" series. In this video, we will look at working with an ICE Tree and how to tweak and work with the new volume shaders in XSI 7, which can help us to create some amazing looking ICE renders and effects.

    التعديل الأخير تم بواسطة bahattab ; 11-11-2010 الساعة 07:52 PM

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